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Finest 3D Modeling in Penarth

20/20 The Design Company, A product design company offering bespoke design or help with anything creative. I work with clients in Penarth and further out from sectors as diverse as design, engineering, manufacturing and retail to help them realise their projects through the power of 3D modelling. A good 3D model is capable of building realistic projections that closely emulate parameters of the physical world, from depth, curves and measurements to natural and artificial lighting, allowing stakeholders and potential customers to visualise projects during the planning stage. Give me a ring to discuss your project or product launch on +447818487438.

A Dedicated 3D Artist

I keep myself on the cutting edge of developments in 3D modelling technology, constantly exploring the outer limits of the field in the aim of rendering ever more realistic projections. By combining a mix of interests and abilities in art, design and engineering, I make truly collaborative 3D design projects for my clients. Don't get caught behind this rapidly developing field – I have the skills and know-how for any kind of 3D modelling project.

Quality 3D Services

The aim of 3D modelling is not only in representing the substance of a particular item, building, landscape or product but also in the attention to minute details that allows a model to be projected in its entirety. With 20/20 The Design Company you can be assured of quality modelling that factors in every aspect of the design, conscious of real-world variables such as colour, shade, lighting, depth, perspective and more. You won’t believe your eyes.


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